Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is a very dangerous and serious illness. Advanced and immediate specialized treatment may prevent a lifelong battle with anorexia and all its related problems such as malnutrition, osteoporosis and heart problems. Those who are plagued with anorexia need treatment. This treatment may include steps at maintaining healthy weight, learning good eating habits, and […]

Understanding Kidney Stones: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Kidney stones are solid or semi-solid mineral-like substances that developed from crystals that separate from the urine and build up on the inner surfaces of the kidney when chemical inhibitors contained in the urine are insufficient to prevent the crystals from forming. Kidney stones are considered one of the most painful disorders that occur in […]

Common Causes of Kidney Stones Formation

There has been no findings yet as what exactly causes kidney stone formation. However, doctors suspect that heredity, environment, age, sex, urinary infection, diet, and metabolic diseases to be some of the possible causes of stone formation. Here are some possible causes why stone for in the kidney. Certain food may cause stones to form, […]

The Urinary Tract and Kidney Stones

The kidneys form part of the urinary tract, along with the ureters, bladder, and urethra. They are two bean-shaped organs that may be found below the ribs toward the middle of the back. Its function includes the removal of extra water and wastes from the blood such as urea, uric acid, excess sodium ions, potassium, […]

Diagnosing and Treating Binge Eating Disorder

Is a friend or close family member suffering from binge eating disorder? This is the right time to act! Know how to diagnose and treat binge eating disorder! Identifying Binge Eating Disorder A binge eating disorder must be distinguished from other eating disorders, such as bulimia nervosa. There is, in fact, an essential similarity between […]

Understanding Bulimia Nervosa

If you are flushing out excessive food that you have taken in, it’s not merely a diet strategy anymore. You could be bulimic already and suffering from bulimia nervosa! What is Bulimia Nervosa? Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by recurrent binge eating, then intentionally flushing out food in the body to […]

Watch Out for These Eating Disorders

  Food is one of the basic human needs in order to survive. Yet, some people have difficulty in judging between need and craving for food. Sometimes we ear excessively because there is simply too much food available. But this pleasure can lead to eating disorders which can be harmful, if not fatal, to humans. […]

10 Top Weight Loss and Diet Myths You Need to Know

Many people think that diet is the best way to lose weight. They adopt diet regiments that are passed around to be good and effective in making you lose weight. But wait! Many of these diet data have been proven to be wrong. Here are some misconceptions many people have about dieting. Only the excess […]

Can Chiropractic Care Relieve Kidney Problems?

Kidney disease encompasses any condition involving your kidneys that causes reduced kidney function or damage to the kidney. The kidneys’ function is to filter wastes from your blood and excrete them in your urine. They are able to do this by by sensing imbalances within your blood and controlling what should be retained and what […]